It all started in 1986 when I weighed on the decision to either go into the medical field or work in the electrical trade. With all these years later it’s obvious that the electrical field was my passion. I’ve been through a gauntlet of training and education to get me where I am today. From apprenticeship to master licensed electrician, college business courses and multiples of certifications courses I ask for just a chance to let our business bid your project.

Our company strives on the needs and concerns of the customer, we will work hand and hand with you to get every aspect of your project correct and to your needs.

We are not a large, oversized company spread too thin, we dedicate our time and effort to every project. We won’t bid and bid and try to get every job in the area, then worry how to man it. We focus on our key customer’s needs and every year build a little bigger with other companies and add new employees which fit that need. That way our company and employees know your building and what you have and can offer quick cost-effective solutions to keep your project moving.

Owner Craig Humphries

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